Mihai Putinar

(UC-Santa Barbara)

 July 27-28 2015

5E102, Inha University

Lecture 1. 2:00-3:00 July 27 (Mon), 2015

Poincare variational principle in potential theory


The talk will translate in modern language Poincare's famous Acta Mathematica 1897 article, complemented by Torsten Carleman doctoral dissertation and the work of M. Schiffer on Fredholm eigenvalues of a planar domain.



Lecture 2. 4:00-5:00 July 27 (Mon), 2015

The Friedrichs operator


The Hilbert space angle between Bergman space and its complex conjugate was studied by Friedrichs in connection with problems of planar elasticity. I will trace some ideas derived from Friedrichs influential work, in the context of modern approximation theory. In particular I will bring into focus Hankel forms, complex symmetric operators and spectral analysis in a vector space endowed with two norms.



Lecture 3. 1:00-2:00 July 28 (Tues), 2015

The ellipse revisited


Among all planar algebraic curves the ellipse is distinguished by carrying Bergman space orthogonal polynomials enjoying a three term relation. And secondly by not possessing a Riesz-Fejer type decomposition for positive polynomials, but still enjoying a special sub-normal quantization. Other aspects of modern mathematical physics, such as Laplacian Growth phenomena, single out the ellipse.